Anna Estrada
Feral Light Productions
By George W. Harris

An accomplished doctor/anesthesiologist as well as vocalist, Bay Area
singer Anna Estrada has made the right musical diagnosis on this fresh
and vibrant collection of Brazilian music. The latin emphasis on this
disc has a healthy physiological effect on the listener, with the
energetic percussion by Michaelle Goerlitz and Phil Thompson creating a
stimulating effect to the central nervous system. The clever reworking
of tunes like “Nature Boy” and “Always Something There To Remind Me”
create an encouraging future prognosis for these tunes, while the
infectious groove of “La Mentira” and title track will raise your red
blood cell count with enthusiasm. Estrada’s voice throughout is
palliative and reassuring, providing excellent bedside manner on the
bouncy “Carta Ao Tom 74. All in all, this disc is an excellent
prescription for music fans.